Ambassador Kim Spoke Highly of Finland–South Korea Relations on His Lecture
​Ambassador Soo gwon Kim after the lecture.

​Ambassador Kim began the lecture by saying how pleased he is that Finland and South Korea have such a successful relationship.

– However, feeling pleased is our enemy and we should invest in developing this relationship even further. At the embassy, we are especially hoping for cultural, economic and academic initiatives for collaboration, states Mr. Kim.

During the lecture, Ambassador Kim thanked the University of Turku, where the Centre for East Asian Studies was founded over a decade ago. According to Kim, the population growth in East Asia is faster than anywhere else in the world, which makes East Asia an important area to study.

– This is one of the reasons that the University’s decision to establish the Centre for East Asian Studies in 2006 was a wise and a far-reaching act, for which I want to thank the University and Lauri Paltamaa. Under his management, Korean studies have become part of the Centre's operation, said Mr. Kim in the lecture.

Decreasing Tension Between the Koreas?

The Ambassador has a background in Foreign and Security Policy and at the end of the lecture he encouraged students and researchers to ask questions about that as well. Kim was asked about the meeting between South and North Korea and the United States representatives that was organised in Finland a few weeks ago, but he was unable to say anything specific about it.

Kim mentioned the upcoming negotiations between the leaders of South and North Korea , which will take place at the end of the month, on 27 April. According to the Ambassador, the economic sanctions have had an effect on North Korea, and the country's young leaders have established their position. Therefore, the meeting is expected to have significant results.

–Will North Korea renounce its nuclear weapons programme? I cannot be certain, but I am hopeful that the tension between the countries will decrease, concluded Mr. Kim.

The Turku Korea Week began with a Korea-themed online quiz on Monday, 2 April. The main programme of the week was launched with a seminar where, in addition to Ambassador Kim, Mee-hyang Yoon gave a lecture. More information on The Turku Korea Week: 
Text and photo: Heikki Kettunen
Translation: Heli Lassila

Published date 4/9/2018 2:25 PM ,  Modified date 4/9/2018 2:32 PM

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