Turku Collegium for Science and Medicine Offers Valuable Peer Support

​Collegium Made It Possible to Found a Research Group

Specialist in Radiology Jussi Hirvonen is a Collegium Researcher at Turku Collegium of Science and Medicine TCSM.
"At the moment, I am a researcher of Turku Collegium of Science and Medicine TCSM. I applied to the Collegium once I moved back to Finland from the United States, where I was conducting my post doc research.

TCSM has made it possible that I can be a researcher and found my own reserch group. My funding continues until 2016. The Collegium has been very flexible and I can carry out clinical work as well as research. The ratio of research and clinical work differs each month.

Doctors who are also researchers are always needed. The dual role provides the best possible point of view into the application of research in patient care."

​The University of Turku has two research collegia which promote top research and the career of young researchers: Turku Institute for Advanced Studies TIAS and Turku Collegium for Science and Medicine TCSM, which is now calling for applications.

‒ We are looking for brilliant researchers who will bring new insights, methods and networks to the research and education of the University of Turku. For instance, collegium researchers are often engaging supervisors for doctoral theses. The Collegium is a very important tool for the University in recruiting new scientific talent, says the Chair of the TCSM Board, Academy Professor Sirpa Jalkanen.

TCSM is looking for young researchers in natural sciences and medicine. In the recruitment, the Collegium stresses the significance of international post doc experience.

‒ We have not predefined the research groups we are recruiting for. The research themes of the new researchers have to fit into the University’s themes, but there are no other limitations. It is a great benefit, as this way completely new synergies can be created.

On the last round of applications, TCSM recruited, among others, an astronomer, ecologist and a researcher of paediatrics, which, according to Jalkanen, gives a great example of how wide a field of science the Collegium is recruiting from.

Collegium Offers a Place in a Tight-knit Community

The collegium researcher positions are funded for 3 years at a time. The Collegium offers the researchers a competitive salary and a starting package, which includes a seed funding for commencing the research in the University of Turku. After that, additional funding has to be applied for the research group by the researchers themselves.

‒ We provide a highly functional infrastructure and the support of our science community. It is important that the new researchers will feel like part of the community and that we can mentor them in the best possible way as well as assist in settling down in Turku and Finland.

Jalkanen emphasises that the community of collegium researchers also offers valuable peer support to it members.

‒ In TCSM, you get a wide view of science, far beyond the bounds of your own discipline.

Text: Taru Suhonen
Translation: Mari Ratia

Published date 1/30/2015 10:20 AM ,  Modified date 2/15/2017 12:39 PM

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