Doctoral Candidates Popularised Science in 3MT Competition – Watch the Winning Presentations

​The 3MT final of the University of Turku was held in the Tauno Nurmela hall at the Main Building on Thursday, 9 March. The winner of the final, Tarel Omran, will participate in the international 3MT competition held by Coimbra Group with the video that was filmed during the final.

3MT is an academic competition developed by the Queensland University in Australia. In the competition, doctoral candidates compete by presenting their research topic and its significance within three minutes.

Watch the Winning Presentations:

Tarek Omran (Finnish Doctoral Programme in Oral Sciences, FINDOS): Optimizing dental composite structures: A bio-memetic approach to dental mechanics


Saana Myllyntausta (Doctoral Programme of Clinical Investigation, CLIDP): Retirement - a window of opportunity for better sleep?


Kalypso Filippou (Doctoral Programme on Educational Policy, Lifelong Learning and Comparative Education Research – KEVEKO): A thesis on theses!


Photos: Hanna Oksanen
Videos: Antti Tarponen

Published date 3/16/2017 9:20 AM ,  Modified date 3/16/2017 9:30 AM

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