New Sports Opportunities with CampusSport

​Attendance for CampusSport classes during the open house weeks at the beginning of the semester was good.

Old favourites, such as pump and bike lessons, keep attracting a lot of participants. Also new lessons, such as sauna yoga, barre and burlesque, have raised a lot of interest. The next few weeks will show how well the autumn season kicks off.

Sports Coordinator Joonas Niemi is especially pleased with the speed the CampusSport has been put together.  – The work had not even begun a year ago. The process with all its accounts and reports has progressed really fast. We started the concrete planning only after the turn of the year, and yet now we have put together a high-quality and well-functioning package.

Sports Belong to Everyone

Even though Niemi says that the CampusSport services are already working well, he has a lot of development ideas. As most important issues, he points out the developing of facilities as well as the sport services to better serve the disabled and special groups.

- We have already started working to solve these issues. For example, we have had some good discussions with the Student Union’s accessibility working group. It was especially rewarding to find possible sports lessons for students who need a wheelchair.

The goal is to build easily accessible services. – There is still a lot of work to do to activate people who do not exercise regularly. Doing sports has to be easy and all exercise is good.


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Text and photos: Saara Järviö

Published date 9/20/2016 8:45 AM ,  Modified date 9/20/2016 10:02 AM

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