Games to Solve Scientific Problems at Game Jam
​The Quantum Game Jam and the public event are organised by Theoretical Physics Lab - Department of Physics and Astronomy (UTU), Game Research Lab (UTA), Up your Game Network - Turku School of Economics (UTU), Finnish Game Jam ry.¬– We would like to thank Tuorla Observatory for their hospitality in organising Quantum Game Jam, says Sabrina Maniscalco.
​Professor of Quantum Physics Sabrina Maniscalco does not hide her enthusiasm. Game Jam, which will be organised in the upcoming weekend at Tuorla Observatory, is a unique event worldwide.
– Game Jam of quantum physics has never been done before and actually not many scientific Game Jams have been organised. This is the first ever scientific Game Jam in Finland, says Maniscalco.
Maniscalco says, that humans are better than computers at certain tasks, such as pattern recognition, e.g., recognising faces or unusual patterns.
– Therefore the idea is to “translate” a certain research problem that has a certain visual character into a game, Maniscalco says
Players would be able to use their skills as humans and perhaps identify while playing the solution of the original research problem or a possible path to that.
– The teams’ goal is to create a game which solves a certain problem in quantum physics. The game must also be entertaining so that people will be eager to play it. The players might not even know they are solving a scientific problem, says Maniscalco.

The Results Revealed at the Science Café

Game Jams are organised all around the world. The Progam Manager of the Up Your Game network of the University of Turku, Jukka Vahlo, says that the idea is to challenge the players’ own thinking and create new games during the weekend.
– Quantum Game Jam event is an excellent opportunity for us to experiment how creative cooperation between game developers and scientist can work in practice. We aim to develop in the near future more research on how games  can be utilized in solving open research problems", says program manager Jukka Vahlo from Up Your Game research network, says Vahlo.
At the Game Jam, work is usually done around the clock in teams of 3–4 professionals from different disciplines, among others, computer and game programmers, designers and scriptwriters. At least a demo version of the game will be created during the weekend.
The results of the teams’ work will be revealed in the Science Café on 14 December. The event will be held in the Natural Science Building I on the University Hill at 5pm.
– Exceptionally, we will organise the Science Café on campus, so that we will have enough space to fit everyone. The event is free of charge and open to all. The attendees do not need to have any background of quantum physics, encourages Maniscalco.
At the Science Café, Doctor of Astronomy Harry Lehto will discuss the origin of life and the birth of our solar system and Chairman of the Finnish Game Jam Association Annakaisa Kultima will introduce the Quantum Game Jam, which will be followed by showcasing some of the games created at the Game Jam.
– Annakaisa Kultima from Game Research Lab, University of Tampere and Head of Finnish Game Jam ry has  been really a key organiser of the Quantum Game Jam. Also she is the main expert in Finland on Game Jams, Maniscalco says.
Afterwards, Professor of Psychology Heikki Hämäläinen will talk about games and brain research. The Science Café will be concluded by Doctor of Physics, SF Author and Entrepreneur Hannu Rajaniemi’s presentation on "The Greatest Game: Making the Imaginary Real in Games, Science and Fiction”.
– Hannu Rajaniemi will describe how Science Fiction has been able to create things and ideas, some of which were thought to be impossible, long before they were made reality by researchers, says Maniscalco.
Science Café on Sunday, 14 December, at 5pm at the University of Turku, Natural Science Building I, lecture hall IX
At the following Science Café on Saturday, 17 January, Professor of Astronomy Esko Valtaoja.
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Text: Erja Hyytiäinen
Translation: Mari Ratia
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