Introducing New International Master’s Degree Programme: Human Neuroscience
​Senior Researcher Teemu Rinne

​– The Programme is centred on understanding people, especially on understanding human behaviour and actions. Students will learn to conduct tests, measure, and analyse the results by participating in research groups. These are essential skills in neuroscience and all the students in the programme will learn them, describes Senior Researcher Teemu Rinne.

After finishing their degree, there are numerous career options for human neuroscience experts. Students can pursue a career in drug development and medical companies, or in health and game industries. The Programme also provides a strong foundation for doctoral studies and a research career. Specialists in human neuroscience are needed in various fields of employment, ranging from developing new devices for the well-being industry to designing virtual reality environments.

The Programme in Human Neuroscience offers students a unique opportunity to complete their Master’s degree in a high-quality teaching environment, and to learn by practical methods and research. In the Programme, students will participate in the work of research groups and be able to produce and measure actual research data.

The University of Turku is continuously ranked among the top one percent of the world’s universities. The University houses excellent research facilities, such as Turku PET Centre which is a well-known neuroscience research centre. Students of the Human Neuroscience Master’s Degree Programme will be able to participate in the research conducted in these facilities, giving them valuable experience on the field. Furthermore, writing a Master’s thesis is an important part of the Programme, and students will be able to collect research data as a part of a research group, and use these materials for their thesis.

– Overall, the studies prepare the students for many different professions in the field of neuroscience. The studies take place in a multidisciplinary environment, which gives the students a unique possibility to gain both practical and theoretical experience in human neuroscience, continues Rinne.

Applying for the Master’s Degree Programme in Human Neuroscience at the University of Turku is an opportunity to receive high-quality education, use state-of-the-art equipment, and study in an inspiring, multidisciplinary environment. The application period begins on 1 December and ends at 31 January 2018.

The Master’s Degree Programme in Human Neuroscience is one of the 13 international Master’s degree programmes available for international students at the University of Turku.

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