Research Publications at University of Turku Openly Available

​The publication policy approved at the University of Turku defines that all scientific publications produced at the University should be openly available if allowed by the terms of the publisher. The principles of open access publishing applies to all who conduct research at the University of Turku. 

– We want to work according to the principles of open science at the University of Turku. Openness is a basic principle in our research. The results of publicly funded research must be openly accessible and available for everyone, says Kalle-Antti Suominen, the Vice Rector responsible for research.

The policy has been prepared openly by consulting the University community, and the University Board has ratified the publication policy. The University offers training and instructions for researchers on open publication.

Also Research Funding Agencies Emphasise Openness

At the University of Turku, the University's electronic Research Information System works as the repository. Dissertations are published in the Doria Publication Archive for the time being.
Today, more and more research funding agencies require an open access publication and research data management plan from a researcher already in the application phase. This is emphasised, for example, in the funding call of the Academy of Finland.
The University of Turku has published a data policy earlier in 2016, and the policy defines the joint rules for the collection, use and management of digital research data at the University of Turku.
Open Science and Research project of the Ministry of Education and Culture guides Finnish higher education institutions in adopting the principles and procedures of open science. Ministry of Education and Culture has assessed higher education institutions with a five level evaluation system. In this ranking, the University of Turku reaches level 3. The aim of the University of Turku is to be a pioneer in the operational culture of open science and to rise in the Ministry of Education and Culture ranking to the highest level 5.
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Text: Tuomas Koivula
Translation: Saara Yli-Kauhaluoma
Photo: Tobias von der Haar
Published date 9/2/2016 11:30 AM ,  Modified date 9/2/2016 12:57 PM

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