Students of the University of Turku Provide their Support for the Refugee Crisis

​During the Opening Carnival on 3 September, TYY received the University of Turku's "Language Deed of the Year" award, which included a 1500 euro cash prize. The Executive Board of TYY has decided to donate the cash prize to the victims of the refugee crisis. By doing so, the Student Union hopes to set a good example.

From this sum, TYY will donate 1000 euro to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. The remaining funds will be used by students to organise for example language and cultural teaching as well as sports and cultural activities at the Heinänokka refugee reception centre.

– Our plan is to provide Finnish as a Second Language teacher student volunteers to teach Finnish language classes in Heinänokka. TYY will also support volunteer students by reimbursing transportation and material costs, for example, says Member or the Student Union Board Julia Litokorpi.

Students are also aiming to arrange various cultural and sports events for refugees, such as football matches.

Head of International Disaster Management Andreas von Weissenberg thanks TYY for their donation. The sum donated by TYY will be targeted towards the current asylum and refugee situation, to ensure that help is provided to the victims of this crisis in Finland and in their countries of origin.

The university chaplains of Turku are also providing their support for student volunteers.

– The university chaplains will help with the orientation of student volunteers. The chaplains will also help students to deal with their emotions and experiences after their visit to the reception centre, says Litokorpi.


Published date 9/15/2015 1:15 PM ,  Modified date 9/15/2015 1:16 PM

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