University Granted €4 Million in Funding for Research Material

​16 applicants have received funding in the internal application of the University. The funding is €3,999,100 in total.

The data are a significant part of the research infrastructure of the University of Turku. In addition, they have an important role as a platform for open science and research.

– It is part of responsible conduct of research to be able to reproduce or otherwise assess research results and methods by utilising the original data. Therefore, we have to maintain the already existing data and improve their usability. With the funding, it is also possible to expand and deepen the data selection, says Kalle-Antti Suominen, Vice Rector responsible for research.

In the University, developing data also includes finding good practices both within the University and elsewhere.

– Another objective is to standardise practices, which makes it easier for the researcher to consider the utility of different data for their own research. It is particularly crucial to present the metadata, that is, a clear description on the content of the data, Suominen says.

The data that received funding:

• Alvesalo-Kuusi Anne, law: The multidisciplinary information pool of the research on legislation (LATAAMO) (2018–20)
• Erola Jani, Department of Social Research: Finnish population level register data (2018–23)
• Heikkilä Jukka, Department of Management and Entrepreneurship: Envision Case research database + Qualitative Research Data platform (MetaQRD) (2018–19)
• Heimo Anne, School of History, Culture and Arts Studies: The Archives of History, Culture and Arts Studies (HKTL) (2018–23)
• Kurki Tommi, School of Languages and Translation Studies: Digilang: Complementing the digital language data of the subjects of the School of Languages and Translation Studies
• Lamminmäki Urpo, Department of Biochemistry: Synthetic recombinant antibody library (2018–23)
• Lehtonen Samuli, Biodiversity Unit: The botanical collections of the Amazon research group of the University of Turku as an example of the judicial data management questions decreed in the act on genetic pool (2018–20)
• Nivala Asko, School of History, Culture and Arts Studies:  A permanent licence for three sub-collections of the digital archive "Nineteenth Century Collections Online" (NCCO, Gale Cengage) and a five-year licence for the Gale Primary Sources platform (2018–23)
• Nummenmaa Lauri, Department of Psychology and Speech-Language Pathology: Cohort registry database on the action in the brain, the molecular structure, and their connection to somatic health and socioeconomic well-being (2018–19)
• Onkamo Päivi, Department of Biology: Evolutionary biology research in human history (2018–20)
• Pentikäinen Olli, Institute of Biomedicine: Commercial and national micromolecule and fragment databases in drug development (2018–23)
• Raitakari Olli, Research Centre of Applied and Preventive Cardiovascular Medicine: Intergenerational effects on health (2018–22)
• Räsänen Pekka, Department of Social Research: Funding for organising, complementing and combining the data 1. Digitalising Finland, 2. Everyday life and participating 2019, and 3. Finland 2019
• Salmivalli Christina, Department of Psychology and Speech-Language Pathology: Combining separate files in the KiVa Antibullying Program data, organising and creating metadata for the whole data as well as combining the organised KiVa Koulu data with the Kouluterveys school health inquiry (2018–19)
• Sourander Leif Andre, Department of Clinical Medicine: Perinatal depression: risk factors and a digital early support intervention programme supporting family well-being (2018–21)
• Vaihekoski Mika, Department of Accounting and Finance, Thomson Reuters Eikon database (2018–19)

Text: Tuomas Koivula         
Translation: Aura Jaakkola

Published date 5/25/2018 3:00 PM ,  Modified date 5/25/2018 3:19 PM

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