University of Turku Employs Nearly 50 New Doctoral Candidates

​The University of Turku Graduate School (UTUGS) coordinates the doctoral training at the University of Turku and it consists of 16 doctoral programmes. All the doctoral candidates pursuing their degree in the University belong to one of the doctoral programmes.

The funded doctoral candidate positions are applied to through the doctoral programmes. The positions are open both for those who are applying for the right to pursue a degree and for the current doctoral candidates of the University. The fixed-term doctoral candidate positions are intended for full-time doctoral dissertation research and doctoral studies with the aim of completing the doctoral degree in four years.

Investing in Doctoral Training

Altogether, the University funds nearly 200 doctoral candidates every year. The employed doctoral candidates work as part of the multidisciplinary research university.

In recent years, the course selection for doctoral candidates has been made more versatile. For example, research ethics is now part of all doctoral training in the University. Doctoral candidates participate actively on working life skills courses, popularise science in different kinds of events, and participate in mentoring programmes and career discussions with their supervisor. Furthermore, training is also organised for the supervisors.

– We’ve had many high-quality applications in the previous years, and it is great that also this year we are able to open nearly fifty funded doctoral candidate positions. Moreover, it was concluded in the audit last spring that doctoral training at the University of Turku is actively developed with collaboration that crosses boundaries between disciplines, says the Director of the Graduate School Pirjo Nuutila.

The call for applications is open 1–20 September at the UTUGS webpages.


Published date 9/1/2017 9:50 AM ,  Modified date 9/1/2017 9:52 AM

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