University of Turku among Top 1.3% in Worldwide CWUR World University Rankings

​The University’s strengths in the ranking were especially the quality and influence of research. Publications in reputable and influential journals and the amount of citations they gained, as well as recognition received by the researchers were among the factors that affected the University’s placement in ranking and also indicate the high quality of research.

CWUR has ranked universities since 2012 and is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In the first two years, CWUR ranked the top 100 global universities, but today CWUR ranks the top 1,000 global universities. CWUR was created to be the first global university ranking system that measures the quality of education, training of students, prestige of the faculty members, and quality of their research without surveys or data submissions from the universities or interest groups.

>> CWUR 2017 - World University Rankings


Published date 10/16/2017 4:25 PM ,  Modified date 10/16/2017 4:30 PM

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