University of Turku to Host International Ornithology Conference in August 2017

​The international five-day EOU 2017 conference for ornithologists will be held in Turku on 18–22 August 2017. The conference consists of three conference days and field trips for smaller groups.

The conference will bring around 400-450 delegates from over 20 countries to Turku.

– This is the first international ornithology conference that will be hosted in Finland. Finland is very active in ornithology, we are very strong in the field compared to our size, and organising an international conference is a great honour for us, says Senior Lecturer Toni Laaksonen from the Department of Biology at the University of Turku who is organising the conference.

According to Laaksonen, throughout its 20-year history, the guiding principle of the international EOU conference has been to bring together ornithologists from all over Europe.

The City of Turku and Visit Turku's Turku Convention Bureau assisted the experts from the University of Turku in the conference application process. Convention Director Sari Ruusumo is delighted that ecology researchers are now actively applying for international conferences to come to Finland.

– Conferences are always a great source of tourism income, and the ornithology conference is estimated to bring over 800,000 euro in revenue to Turku, Ruusumo notes.


Published date 9/21/2015 12:55 AM ,  Modified date 9/21/2015 2:26 PM

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