Areas of Strength in Research

​Molecular Biosciences

Molecular biosciences form the widest area of strength in the University of Turku.
The leading projects in the area of strength include host defence and auto-immune disease research, biomedical research, and plant biological research on photosynthesis and bioenergy.

Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research

Cardiovascular and metabolic research is an area of strength in medical research in which experimental and clinical studies are successfully combined.

One of the focal areas is the development of imaging methods for cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, their follow-up and therapy monitoring. Extensive follow-up studies are made on the origins and prevention of coronary artery disease and diabetes.

Ecological Interactions and Ecological Genetics Research

Ecological interactions and ecological genetics research is an area of strength in which traditionally strong research on ecological interactions is integrated with cutting-edge ecological and evolutionary genetic research approaches.

In ecological interactions and ecological genetics research, long-term field and experimental data are analysed using the latest methods in statistics and molecular biology. The area of strength covers research on the mechanisms of ecological interactions from the level of the ecosystem and populations to cellular and molecular levels.

Learning and Education Research

Research on learning and education focuses on the cognitive, emotional, social and cultural conditions for learning and development in children, youth and adults as well as the institutions of education and lifelong learning.

University of Turku’s learning and education research’s strengths are multidisciplinary and high-end methodical expertise.

Futures Research

Futures research combines content knowledge about history and the present produced by different disciplines as well as methodological knowledge with futures research in order to outline future prospects.

This area of strength benefits from the wide scholarly base provided by a multidisciplinary university and offers possibilities for multidisciplinary research. Versatile international research cooperation is at the centre of activities. Futures research has close connections with social planning and decision-making.

Research on Institutional Design and Social Mechanisms

Research on institutional design and social mechanisms is directed towards the operation and development of social institutions, rules and interaction mechanisms.

Central fields of research include democratic processes and social decision-making structures, the philosophy of the foundations of social institutions, constitutionalism and basic rights as well as social and legal research related to the interaction mechanisms of society, politics and finances.


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