Guidelines for the Doctoral Candidate

Summary of preparations for the Public Defence of a Doctoral Dissertation

Organise the publishing and distribution

The Doctoral Candidate is responsible for publishing and distributing the dissertation. The dissertation can be published in the University's own Annales series or by an outside publisher. Remember to deliver the dissertation to the University in good time.

Arrange the time and place

The Doctoral Candidate can inquire about an appropriate time for the public defence of a doctoral dissertation from the chairperson (referred to as the Custos in Finnish universities) and the Opponent. Two public defences of the same faculty (or of the same department in the Faculty of Medicine) should not be organised at the same time. It is also recommended not to organise public defences during public holidays.

Reserve a lecture hall for the public defence from luentosalivaraukset[at]

Make an announcement of the public defence of your doctoral dissertation and a press release for the University Communications

Once the permission to defend the doctoral dissertation has been granted by the faculty, fill in and send the announcement of the public defence of your doctoral dissertation to the University Communications. After this, deliver an outline of a press release on one page and a photograph of yourself to the University Communications no later than two weeks before the public defence. 

Make preparations for the public defence and the post-doctoral party

Agree on the dress code with the Custos and the Opponent. If the Opponent is not Finnish, please send the Opponent an English version of the procedures of a public defence and a summary of the lectio praecursoria.

The Opponent may also need assistance with the travel arrangements.

Make preparations for a reception with coffee or sparkling wine after the public defence. The possible post-doctoral party requires arrangements of its own.

Further information

On the links on the left, you can find further information. The faculties have instructions of their own, as well:

  • In the Faculty of Humanities, Coordinator of Postgraduate Education, tel. (02) 333 7949
  • In the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Chief Academic Officer, tel. +358 50 325 4448 or Education Secretary, tel. +358 50 358 9821. 
  • In the Faculty of Medicine, Chief Academic Officer, tel. (02) 333 8520 or Student Services Secretary, tel. (02) 333 8487
  • In the Faculty of Law, Head of Faculty Administration, tel. (02) 333 5500
  • In the Faculty of Social Sciences, Head of Academic and Student Affairs, tel. (02) 333 5361
  • In the Faculty of Education, Research and Postgraduate Education Officer, tel. (02) 333 8734
  • In the Turku School of Economics, Coordinator, tel. +358 29 450 3890 / +358 50 501 8969

Good luck with your public defence!



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