Research Ethics

Ethical assessment has two purposes: it protects the research subjects and ensures the researcher’s legal protection. In addition, many publications and research sponsors require an ethical assessment before the research is commenced. Furthermore, it’s an important part in maintaining the public’s trust in scientific research and researchers.

In an ethical research, the dignity and rights of the research subjects are respected. This limits what kind of scientific research can be conducted.

In the University of Turku, ethical assessment is carried out if the research might cause injury to the human subjects. In medical research, ethical assessment has been in a prerequisite for the commencement of a research for a long time.

By following the navigation block on the left, you can find information on the criteria for research that is required to request ethical assessment and the procedure for contacting the Ethics Committee.

National Advisory Board on Research Ethics in Finland has compiled guidelines for Responsible conduct of research which gives a clear account on the principles of research ethics.

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