Nominations for the TCSM 2016

For the 2015 call Turku Collegium for Science and Medicine (TCSM) received 177 applications of which about half were international. During the first round the applications were first evaluated by the board and 32 applications considered best were sent to outside experts for evaluation. In the review process applications were evaluated by the experts in the following categories:

1) suitability to the position (potential for independent research work, the stage of the research career)

2) scientific competence

3) international experience

4) the quality of the research plan

Based on points and comments given by the evaluators the board selected 12 best applications for the interview. All applicants selected for the second application round were scientifically of a very high quality. The board appointed six best candidates as Collegium researchers (in alphabetical order): 

Dr Katja Anttila, Cardio-physiological and epigenetic responses of rainbow trout to interacting environmental stressors “, Department of Biology, University of Turku

Dr Ilkka Heinonen, “Stand up and move for your health – exploring physiological health benefits and mechanisms of reduced daily sitting”, Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine, Pet Centre, University of Turku

Dr Talvikki Hovatta, “Magnetic fields in active galactic nuclei jets”, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Turku

Dr Jianwei Li, “Artificial membrane proteins emerging from dynamic molecular networks in closed systems”, Department of Chemistry, University of Turku

Dr Pere Puigbo,Next-generation phylogenomics (NGP)”, Department of Biology, University of Turku

Dr Jing Tang, Network-based drug discovery for personalized medicine – data integration, model prediction and mechanistic understanding”, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Turku

The aim is that all appointed candidates would start their collegium researcher positions during 2016.


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