Georges Kazan

​Relics as material evidence: establishing a new, interdisciplinary field


Thanks to recent scientific advances, relics now offer us the chance to go back in time and rediscover our shared past. My research is broad and includes case studies, network building, methodology development and the sharing of knowledge/expertise. I am therefore facilitating interdisciplinary and inter-regional collaboration within Finland and internationally. Based at the University’s Department of Archaeology, I am organising and progressing the Turku Cathedral Relics Project’s research on a number of their major relics. Internationally, I am also pursuing research on these and other relics, in particular those reputed to date to the 1st c., or from Late Roman or Byzantine contexts. The aim in studying these is not primarily to prove their authenticity, but to understand their origins, veneration and circulation. Nevertheless, since it’s usually best to begin at the beginning, this involves tracking down the oldest known examples, which can be very exciting!



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