TIAS Researchers 2018

Collegium Researchers

Lieven Ameel (Comparative Literature): Narratives of the Urban Waterfront in Crisis. Negotiating Possible Futures of Post-Industrial Harbour Cities

Hanne Appelqvist (Philosophy): Wittgenstein, Kant, and the Limits of Conceptual Agreement

Valtteri Arstila (Philosophy): Timeless Experience

Ahmad Ghouri (Jurisprudence): Rediscovering the Missing Corporation: The Case for Foreign Direct Liability Clauses in Investment Treaties

Tuula Juvonen (Gender Studies): The Materialisation of Affective Attachments​

Johanna Kaakinen (Psychology): Why Misinformation Is So Hard to Tackle? The Role of Affective Responses in Reading Comprehension

Georges  Kazan (Archaeology): Relics as Material Evidence: Establishing a New, Interdisciplinary Field

Juha Salmitaival​ (Psychology): From Executive Function Training to Real-Life Cognitive Challenges and Back

Marjaana Veermans (Teacher Education): Enhancing Interest in Science through Art and Design Practices


Postdoctoral Researchers

Annika Blomberg: On the shadowy side of creativity

Tuike Iiskala (Teacher Education), Interaction of Metacognitive Regulation: Motivation, Affective Control and Conceptual Change in Collaborative Science Learning

Hemmo Laiho (Philosophy): On Scientific World-View, Kant, and Some Other Things

Annika Lind (Psychology): Visual Perception and Brain Activation (fMRI) in Preterm Children 

Liisa Lähteenmäki (Jurisprudence): The Dynamics of Regulating Labour: Putting Law and Memories in Perspective

Heidi Kurvinen (Cultural History): The Travelling Image of Bra-Burners. Negotiations Meanings of Feminism in the Finnish Mainstream Media from the 1960s to 2007

Ulla-Maija Mylly (Faculty of Law): General Concepts and Principles of Copyright for the Digital Era
Nena Mocnik (Comparative Literature): “I will not raise my child to kill your child”: Motherhood, Collective Memory and Continuation of Culture of Violence Aftermath of War 

Asko Nivala (Cultural History): Romantic Cartographies. Lived and Imagined Space in English and German Romantic Texts, 1790–1840

Eeva-Liisa Nyqvist (Scandinavian Languages): Grammatical Competence: A Comparative Study of Noun Phrases, Verb Phrases and Word Order in Written Swedish by Finnish-Speaking Early Total Immersion Students

Jarna Petman (Jurisprudence): Governing Promiscuity: International Law between Cyberspace and Robotics

Irene Prix (Sociology): Social Class Differences in Gender-Atypical Pathways from School to Work in Finland

Tuomas Räsänen (European and World History): Co-Living with the Sea: Marine Animals, Environmental Thought and the Politics of Nature in Finland, 1950–2010s

Niina Salminen-Vaparanta (Psychology), Cognitive and Neural Processes Generating Visual Consciousness
Minna Santaoja (Futures Studies): Fungal Infestation in Social Media
Peeter Selg ​(Political Science): Governing Wicked Problems: A Relational Approach
Anna Soveri (Psychology): Investigating Vaccine Hesitancy

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