TIAS Researchers 2017

Collegium Research Fellows

Marko Ahteensuu (Department of Behavioural Sciences and Philosophy), Biodiversity, Ethics, and Scientific Uncertainty: Philosophical Contribution to Conservation in the Era of Rapid Anthropogenic Environmental Change

Hanne Appelqvist: (Department of Philosophy), Wittgenstein, Kant, and the Limits of Conceptual Agreement

Valtteri Arstila: (Department of Philosophy ),Timeless experience

Sari Irni (Gender Studies, School of History, Culture and Arts Studies), Sex Transformations as Side Effect: Anabolic Steroids, Ageing, and Sports Politics in Finland, 1950-1976

Johanna Kaakinen, (Department of Psychology), Why misinformation is so hard to tackle? The role of affective responses in reading comprehension.

Georges  Kazan, (Department of Archaelogy),  Relics as material evidence: establishing a new, interdisciplinary field

Minna Opas (Department of Comparative Religion), Religious imaginaries and modernisation: The dynamics of world-making among Amazonian Indigenous Christians

Marjaana Veermans, (Department of Teacher Education), Enhancing interest in science through art and design practicesaana Veermans, (Department of Teacher Education), Enhancing interest in science through art and design practices

Kendra Willson (Department of language and translation studies), Finno-Ugric elements in runic inscriptions


Collegium Postdoctoral Researchers


Tuike Iiskala,  (Department of teacher Education), Interaction of metacognitive regulation. motivation, affeective control and conceptual change in collaborative science learning

Kaisa Ilmonen (Department of Comparative Literature), From Poetry to Intersectionality: Reading Feminist Experience Across the Theorìa/Poiesis -Binary

A.K.M. Islam (Information Systems Science, Management Department),Mobile Engagement: Understanding its Role in Developing the Motivation of Teenage Students and Educators
Johanna Kallo (Department of Education), Governance of Higher Education through OECD Future Scenarios
Ulla-Maija Mylly (Faculty of Law),General Concepts and Principles of Copyright for the Digital Era

Nena Mocnik (Department of Comparative literature): “I will not raise my child to kill your child”: Motherhood, Collective Memory and Continuation of Culture of Violence Aftermath of War

Asko Nivala (Department of Cultural History), Romantic Cartographies. Lived and Imagined Space in English and German Romantic Texts, 1790–1840

Nyqvist, Eeva-Liisa

Irene Prix  (Department of Sociology), Social class differences in gender-atypical pathways from school to work in Finland

Marjaana Puurtinen (Department of Teacher Education), Looking at music: Eye movements and the development of music-reading skill

Niina Salminen-Vaparanta (Department of Psychology), Cognitive and neural processes generating visual consciousness


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