University of Turku Graduate School - UTUGS
The University of Turku Graduate School (UTUGS) was established on August 1, 2011. The Graduate School consists of 16 Doctoral Programmes which cover all disciplines and Doctoral Candidates of the University. Together with the Doctoral Programmes the Graduate School provides systematic and high quality doctoral training on academic topics as well as on transferable skills and career planning. Each Doctoral Candidate has a personal supervisor and the progress of the doctoral dissertation is followed regularly. The aim is to complete the degree in four years net time.
To meet the needs of the society, public and private sectors, the University of Turku Graduate School aims to train highly qualified experts with the skills required for both professional career in research and other positions of expertise.

UTUGS Doctoral Programmes'  Next Call  for Funded positions will be open in August-September 2016.

Information regarding when and how to apply for funded position and / or the right to pursue a doctoral degree at UTU, please visit the homepage of related Doctoral Programme and Faculty. 

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