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Elizabeth Agbor Eta excamines educational policies and their effects. Througout her PhD-time she has gained severel skills which she can use in future work.
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Milena Doroszko seeks for demanding jobs relating especially tumor information and treatment.
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Titiana Ertiö is economic sosiologist who studied in her dissertation what opportunities and changes mobile techology bring to civic engagement.
Pia Eskelinen combines social sciences, law and East-Asian Studies in her doctoral studies. She studies how urbanisation affects womens land rights in rural China.  
Abigail Kusi Amponsah says that if businesses really wants drive and surviving in challenging times they should hire PhD candidates.

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Tiina Lehtiniemi is studying how the healt of father at the moment of conception can affect the healt of the baby. She enjoys working as a part of the team and she loves to teach.
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Untitled-5.jpg Marise Lehto asks: Have you ever wondered how the second language that you speak shapes your relationship with yourself, your place in the world and relationship with others.
We know that excercise is good for muscles, but Kumail Kumar Motiani wants to know is it good for your organs also.
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saana-myllyntausta.jpg Saana Myllyntausta is a sleep researchers. Saana Myllyntausta studies how sleep changes when people retire from work.


jarmo-nikander.jpg Jarmo Nikander is an economic geographer who is specialized in startup entrepreneurship. He observes how the fall of Nokia among other events sprung up something new.
miina-englanti.jpg Miina Nurmi studies awfully difficult morning sickness. She wants to use the tools she uses now during PhD-stueds to solve other problems.
Sevcan Hakyemez Paul studies at her PhD home and school cooperation. She has two big passions: learning and reseach.
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Dentist Tarek Omran develops filling materials as a part of his PhD.For him research is a questions: how is it that way and how can we do it better.
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Kristiina Santalahtis experties lies in the numbers for example predict cardio-vascular diseases.
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Dentist Khalil Shahramians dream is to bring up and train future professorionals who has a mind setup for serving community around them.
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Lotta Siutlas background is in business-to-business sales and sales management. In business life she introduced social media software, built social media skills and its use in sales. Urge to improve her skills on marketing took her back also in academic world.
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Iris Tigchelaar tries to find at her PhD good ways to find out, who is capable to drive and who is not.
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