Doctoral Programme in History, Culture and Arts Studies

​Juno is interdisciplinary doctorial programme that combines historical approach, cultural analysis and critical art studies. It educates specialists in cultural change bringing together 16 fields of research. Juno offers qualified international doctoral training providing the candidates an ability to work both independently and in team,   to produce new critical knowledge and communicate its results effectively to various audiences.

Juno graduates can build their careers as researchers and educators, specialists in cultural management, in memory organisations like museums and archives or work among scholarly publishing and editing field.

 Doctoral candidates in Juno have a major subject, a field of research that comes closest to their PhD project. Majors are

  •  Cultural History
  •  Finnish History
  • European and World History  
  • Archaeology
  • Comparative Religion
  • Folkloristics
  • European Ethnology
  • Art History
  • Comparative Literature
  • Finnish Literature
  • Gender Studies
  • Media Studies
  • Musicology
  • Digital Culture
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Landscape Studies 

Juno is a Doctoral Programme in the Faculty of Humanities, and it is a part of The University of Turku Graduate School – UTUGS, established on August 2011. For its part, Juno ensures that the School of History, Culture and Arts Studies provides systematic and high quality doctoral training.


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