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Right to pursue the Doctor of Laws degree

The Dean of the Faculty of Law grants the right to pursue the Doctor of Laws degree to an applicant based on the proposal of the the Board of the Doctoral Programme in Law.
The Dean may grant the right to anyone who has earned the Bachelor of Laws, Master of Laws, Master of International and Comparative Law or Licentiate of Laws degree in Finland or a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree at the University of Turku if the applicant is otherwise considered adequate to pursue the doctoral degree.
When considering the capability of the applicant to complete the degree for postgraduate studies, the following facts are taken into consideration: 
  • scientific interestingness, meaningfulness and feasibility of the research plan and suffiently wide-ranging familiarity with the research related to the theme, which should be shown in the research plan
  • connection between the research project and the faculty’s focus in research,
  • previous jurisprudential studies, their content and level of challenge if the applicant has a degree other than the Master of Laws degree,
  • possible publications,
  • merits and grade of the Master’s thesis and the possible postgraduate Laws degree thesis, and
  • certificate of language proficiencies if necessary.
An applicant with a foreign law degree comparable to the Bachelor of Laws or Master of Laws degree or some other Master’s degree completed either in Finland or abroad is required, in addition to the requirements mentioned above, to prove that their degree gives them the capabilities to participate in postgraduate studies in Law and that their language skills are sufficient for participating in the postgraduate studies. Applicants with a degree in something else than a law degree comparable to the Bachelor of Laws or the Master of Laws degree are granted the right to participate in the postgraduate studies only for a cogent reason.
The Dean appoints a previously consented person to supervise an applicant who has been accepted in the doctoral programme. Before submitting an application, a person applying for doctoral studies must discuss privately with the person or people proposed as their personal supervisor. The applicant must present to the proposed supervisor their preliminary research plan and the postgraduate study plan, which the applicant will correct according to the discussions if needed.

Application procedure and application periods

You can apply for a study right for a doctoral degree at the Faculty of Law by filling in the online application form in the electronic application system of the University of Turku and attaching all required documents to the online application form during the application period. A link to the electronic application form will be published in the upper right hand corner of this page by the beginning of the application period.

The application periods during the academic year 2017-2018 are:
  • 1.-20.9.2017 (acceptance of the study place by 15.12.2017 at the latest, the study right begins on 1.1.2018)
  • 1.-20.3.2018 (acceptance of the study place by 15.6.2018 at the latest, the study right begins on 1.8.2018)

The application periods for the academic year 2018-2019 will be published later.

A detailed call for applications can be found here.

All applicants will be informed of the results of the admission. An admitted applicant has to notify in writing the University of Turku of their acceptance of the study right. If the admitted applicant does not give the notification in the time indicated, they shall forfeit the study right.


Doctoral candidates who have graduated from the University of Turku do not have to reigster as postfeaduate students after being accepted to the doctoral programme, since the study right to doctoral studies will be added automatically in their study register. All other new doctoral candidates must register as postgraduate students. The Student Services of the University of Turku will send instructions for registration to the accepted applicants.

From the next academic term onwards all doctoral candidates must however register annually as present or absent postgraduate students to the University of Turku according to the instructions and deadlines of the University.

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