Doctoral Programme in Molecular Life Sciences

​The Doctoral Programme in Molecular Life Sciences (DPMLS) offers high-quality doctoral training that is based on internationally recognized research. Doctoral dissertations are done within research projects under supervision of distinguished professors and researchers. Biosciences are one of the strong research areas of University of Turku, DPMLS being in the heart of it. Wide and long-term collaborations with researchers from international and national universities, research institutes and companies support networking of doctoral candidates during the doctoral dissertation.

DPMLS trains internationally oriented specialists with wide knowledge on molecular biosciences and a special know-how on one of the main research areas. DPMLS offers doctoral education both in natural and technical sciences. DPMLS is working in collaboration with the doctoral programmes in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Turku and doctoral programmes in biosciences at Åbo Akademi University organizing courses on subject specific topics, transferable skills and career planning.


Research Themes

  • Biochemistry: Microbe-host interactions; Antibiotic biosynthetic enzymes; Cell adhesion and cancer; Collagen receptor integrins; Enzymology of inorganic pyrophosphatases; RNA polymerase and transcription.
  • Biotechnology: Novel diagnostic assay platforms; Bioaffinity assay technology research; Measurement and automation systems for diagnostic assays; Clinical biomarker research; Nucleic acid diagnostics; Food and environmental diagnostics; Antibody engineering; Biomarker discovery and development; Bio-organic chemistry
  • Food Chemistry and Food Development: Bioactive compounds of foods; Lipids and secondary metabolites of natural food resources in Northern Hemisphere; Quality, stability and health effects of food; Food metabolomics; Bioactive food ingredients; Food Product Research
  • Molecular Plant Biology: Photosynthesis; Bioenergy and Synthetic biology; Chloroplast redox compounds; Stress signaling; Gene regulation; Light acclimation and defense reactions; RNA-silencing; Plant-fungus interactions


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“The Doctoral Programme in Molecular Life Sciences offers a vivid and dynamic environment to learn how to conduct research. I can always get new inspirations and suggestions thanks to an international team in which colleagues with different background are working together.”
Doctoral Candidate, Italy


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