Minna Koskela 15.8.2018 (Molecular Plant Biology) Ferredoxin-NADP+ oxidoreductases and protein acetylation in the regulation of photosynthesis. Thesis on-line, Väitöstiedote

Tommi Kumpulainen 3.8.2018 (Food Development) The complexity of freshness and locality in a food consumption context. Thesis on-line, Väitöstiedote

Marjaana Rantala 15.6.2018 (Molecular Plant Biology) Composition and phosphorylation-dependent functional interactions of thylakoid protein complexes in Arabidopsis. Thesis on-line, Väitöstiedote

Matti Turtola 8.6.2018 (Biochemistry) Translocation mechanism of the multisubunit RNA polymerase. Thesis on-line, Väitöstiedote

Moona Rahikainen 8.6.2018 (Molecular Plant Biology) Plant defence and stress acclimation: Regulation by protein phosphatase 2A. Thesis on-line, Väitöstiedote

Chengqian Liu 25.5.2018 (Biochemistry) Interplay between adenosine receptors and adenosine deaminases. Thesis on-line, Väitöstiedote

Tuomas Huokko 16.3.2018 (Molecular Plant Biology) Integrative regulation of major bioenergetic pathways in Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803. Thesis on-line, Väitöstiedote

Etvi Juntunen 23.2.2018 (Molecular Biotechnology and Diagnostics) Lateral flow immunoassays with fluorescent reporter technologies. Thesis on-line, Väitöstiedote


Linda Vuorijoki 27.10.2017 (Molecular Plant Biology) Targeted proteomics in characterizing iron-deprived cyanobacteria: Insights into the regulation of iron-sulfur cluster biogenesis. Thesis on-line, Väitöstiedote

Henna Mustila  8.9.2017(Molecular Plant Biology) Photoprotective auxiliary electron transport pathways in cyanobacteria. Thesis on-line, Väitöstiedote

Martina Jokel 25.8.17 (Molecular Plant Biology) Regulation of photosynthesis under dynamic light conditions in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii: Impact on hydrogen production. Thesis on-line, Väitöstiedote

Juha-Matti Pihlava 3.8.17 (Food Chemistry) Selected Bioactive Compounds inCereals and Cereal Products ̶  Their Role and Analysis by Chromatographic Techniques.Thesis on-line, Väitöstiedote

Leenamaija Mäkilä 15.5.17 (Food Development) Effect of Processing Technologies on Phenolic Compounds in Berry Products.Thesis on-line, Väitöstiedote

Mekala Nageswara Rao 31.3.2017 (Molecular Plant Biology) Novel insights into regulation of photosynthetic light reactions. Thesis on-line, Väitöstiedote

Wei Yang 31.3.2017 (Food Chemistry) Effects of Genetic and Environmental Factors on Proanthocyanidins in Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) and Flavonol Glycosides in Leaves of Currants (Ribes spp.). Thesis on-line, Väitöstiedote

Salmela Maria 24.3.2017 (Biochemistry) Activation independent functions of collagen receptor integrins alpha1beta and alpha2beta1. Thesis on-line, Väitöstiedote 




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