Doctoral Studies

All the Departments of the School of Languages and Translation Studies participate in Utuling Doctoral Programme. They share the same degree requirements and principles for drawing up personal study plans.

The work environment consists of the research community made up of all the researchers of the Departments with their joint research seminar and a special research day. In addition, courses meant specifically for graduate students are offered every year. They may be lectures given by various supervisors, or other kinds of instructional events such as workshops. The graduate students are also offered a thematic seminar and a summer school.

The Doctoral Programme Utuling features the following events:

  • A research seminar devided into thematic seminars focusing on various areas of a researcher's knowledge and skills. The purpose of the seminar is to encourage a discussion about research, exceeding departmental boundaries, and to promote cooperation between researchers who are at different stages of their careers.
  • Courses and workshops aimed at graduate students and their areas of research.
  • A summer school, the purpose of which is to discuss various questions pertaining to the graduate studies and to the writing of the doctoral thesis.
  • A research day, which aims at strengthening one's researcher identity and providing a possibility to ask burning questions related to one's research field.



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