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The Rector of the University of Turku has designated 16 new UTUGS Doctoral Programmes (Dnr 536/41/2013) starting September 1, 2013. The established Doctoral Programmes cover all Doctoral Candidates and disciplines of the University.

The UTU Doctoral Candidate status is applied for from the UTUGS Doctoral Programme of interest. One can apply for:

a) the right to pursue a doctoral degree at UTU (each call)
b) UTUGS-funded doctoral training position (call organized once a year) 

Depending on the doctoral programme, the total number of calls for applications each year varies from 2 to 3. The calls for UTUGS-funded doctoral programme positions are organized once a year, at the same time in each UTUGS Doctoral Programme.

The decisions on granting the right to pursue a doctoral degree at UTU as well as the decisions on employing the doctoral candidate on UTUGS-funded doctoral training position are made by the Faculties based on the Doctoral Programmes' proposals. 

After receiving the Faculty's decision, the Doctoral Candidate must register at the University of Turku. The registration takes place at the UTU Student and Admission Services (please see the instructions for UTU registration). Via this process the Doctoral Candidate becomes affiliated in the respective Doctoral Programme and Faculty, as well as UTUGS.


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