Mentoring Programme

​The mentoring programme

  • strengthens students’ preparedness for working life and working life contacts
  • offers students and mentors a channel for networking
  • provides the University feedback on how well the education corresponds to working life needs
  • helps in sustaining a connection between the University of Turku and the University graduates
  • invites students and alumni to engage in cooperation with the University

The University of Turku alumni function as mentors who want to share their working life experience and vision and their professional networks with soon-to-be graduates. At the same time, the mentors can develop their working life and interaction skills. In addition, the ideas and views of a young colleague can provide new points of view for the mentor’s work. In many work communities, mentoring is also considered a good way of developing managerial skills.

The mentoring programme also functions as a channel for developing the University. From the mentors and actors participating in the programme the University gets feedback on the education and up-to-date information on the needs and expectations of employees and their continuing education.

In the annual mentoring programme, the principal activity consists of independent meetings (usually 5–8 times a year), where the mentor-student pairs discuss themes related to the shift into working life and working life preparedness in their own field. This work is supported by seminars and a mentoring booklet. You can register as a mentor throughout the year, while students apply in the programme in September and October.

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Laura Kopu
Alumni Relations Coordinator
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