Check List for Incoming Internationals

Before coming to Turku

1) Residence permit > Click here for more information

Apply for visa or residence permit if you need one. Please notice that accompanying family members should apply at the same time, even if they arrive in Finland later.
Citizens of EU and Nordic countries as well as citizens of Liechtenstein and Switzerland do not need a residence permit for Finland.

2) Housing > Click here for more information

Start looking for housing well in advance.

3) Insurance > Click here for more information

Ensure a medical insurance. Your need for private insurance will depend on your social security entitlements in Finland, or in your home country. It is important you have ensured the insurance coverage before leaving your home country.

4) Family > Click here for more information

Plan on family matters such as school and day care well in advance.

5) Time reservations for Civil Registrations in Finland

There are two registrations to be considered. EU nationals (only) need to complete EU registration in the Finnish Migration Service. This needs to be done prior to civil registration in Maistraatti (Local Register Office). 

Please make the necessary time reservations already before coming to Finland:

For EU registration: EnterFinland eService


After you have arrived in Turku

1) Visit your host department

Meet your contact persons at the department.

2) IT user account and library card

get your IT user account at nearest IT Help Desk: Educarium, Sirkkala, Medisiina or Natural Science building. More information available about the user account and other information about wireless networks, devices and services for you.
You can get a library card free of charge from any of the libraries by providing your ID and address in Finland. The library card is personal. The card holder is responsible for all the material borrowed with the card and agrees to follow the rules and regulations of the Library.

3) EU registration at Finnish Immigration Services (MIGRI)

You need to register your stay in Finland if you are a citizen of the EU and your stay in Finland exceeds three months. Online service: EnterFinland
Time reservation for Finnihs Migration Service.

Nordic citizens

Citizens of the Nordic countries need neither a visa nor a residence permit to reside or work in Finland. Citizens of the Nordic countries are also not required to have a passport or any other identity document. However, they must be able to prove their identity and verify that they are a Nordic citizen if necessary. A driving licence is not acceptable proof of identity, nor does it indicate the nationality of the holder. Nordic citizens are registered by the local register offices, i.e. Maistraatti. Nordic citizens are required to register if they reside in Finland for more than six months. 

Other nationalities

You do not need to visit the Service Point if you arrive outside EU/ETA, and you have a valid residence permit to Finland.

4) Local register office Maistraatti

Foreign citizens, whose residence in Finland is permanent or exceeds one year need to register their stay with the Local Register Office, Maistraatti. If the stay is two years at least this registration will give a municipality of residence (kotikuntaoikeus) that entitles to use municipal services, most importantly health care services. More information in this link: Maistraatti
Basic information
Home municipality - what is that?

5) Apply for Finnish Social Insurance at KELA

You should apply for coverage under the Finnish social security system by filing in form Y 77e / Kela. Your right to social security benefits in Finland is based to the length of your residence in Finland. In most cases you are covered by the Finnish social security system on the basis of your employment.

6) Tax office 

If you are employed, do visit the tax office in order to get a tax card. The Turku tax office is located in DataCity, street address Lemminkäisenkatu 14 - 18. For the tax card you need to present your official ID, your employment contract and a clarification of your monthly income. The tax office will mail your tax card directly to your employer, to the University of Turku Payroll Office.

You can also apply for a Finnish ID at the tax office. Please fill in form 6150e, but do not sign the form - this form is signed at the tax office after the verification of your identity.

More tax information for internationals arriving in Finland

7) Bank Account

You need to open a bank account in Finland in case you do not hold a bank account in SEPA area.  To open a bank account you need to present your official ID,  your Finnish ID, residence permit card or EU registration to Finland, address in Finland,  employment contract or grant letter .

Please notice also that banks have a statutory obligation to identify and know their customers. In addition to the personal details, the bank must have sufficient information on the customer's business, financial position and origin of funds.

8) Telecommunication

Ask about  the data package to your mobile phone connections with internet connections by visiting operator shops. 

9) Notification of Move

According to Finnish legislation, you must always submit a notification of move if you move permanently into a new home or if your temporary stay at another address is longer than three months and within a week of your move at the latest..
The easiest way to submit a notification of move is to use the online service. You can make an online notification using Internet Bank access codes, an ID card or Posti username. You can also submit your notification of move by filling in the form that you can pick up at post office or local register office.

10) Orientation to work

Orientation is welcoming the new employee to the university community, telling about the values, practices and procedures of the University of Turku and the specific unit.
More information at UTU Intranet pages


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