Civil Registration

Civil Registration

Foreign citizens, whose residence in Finland is permanent or exceeds one year need to register at the Local Register Office, Maistraatti. If the stay is two years at least this registration will give a municipality of residence (kotikuntaoikeus) that entitles to use municipal services. 

For a foreign citizen moving to Finland from abroad, a personal identity code is issued when he or she has been registered in the Population Information System. Such registration is requested by visiting the local register office or tax office.
The request may also be filed together with an application for a residence permit, a residence card or the residence registration at Finnish Migration Service. 

Foreign citizens staying in Finland for less than one year can also be entered into the Population Information System, if this is necessary in order to be able to stay or work in Finland.

The personal identity code is a means of identification which is more specific than a name. The personal identity code is needed in a variety of situations in Finnish everyday life: for the payment of salaries, in bank transactions, for paying with a debit/credit card and for applying for certain benefits.

For the registration you will need a passport, a valid residence permit and, if applicable, a marriage certificate and birth certificates for the children. Please note that the documents must be legalized (Apostille / Grand Legalization) and translated.

EU-EEA citizens do not need a residence permit, but they must register their right
to reside in Finland if their stay lasts for longer than three months. EU registration is completed at Finnish Migration Service. The nearest office is located in Raisio, street address Nallinkatu 8. The request for a Finnish identity code may also be filed together with residence registration for EU citizens. Citizens of the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland) do not need to register at the Finnish Migration Service.

Lounais- Suomen maistraatti, Turku unit
Street address: Kela Office, Eerikinkatu 6

Notification of Move

A person residing in Finland for over three months is requested to make a notification of move. A notification of move  has to be submitted every time you change your address. When you submit a notification of move, your details will be updated simultaneously on the Population Information System maintained by the local register offices as well as the register of Postal Services.
Online is the most convenient way of carrying out a change of address. You can log into the service using your online bank ID, a Posti user ID or an identity card with a chip. You can also order the service using a printed form and the accompanying return envelope. Forms are available at postal outlets.

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