Medical Insurance 

If you move to Finland temporarily from another EU/EEA country or from Switzerland, you will have access to necessary medical care by presenting your European Health Insurance Card. EU/EEA citizens who have a European Health Insurance Card are entitled to municipal health care are the same prices as Finnish citizens. For those arriving from other countries, medical insurance is strongly recommended, although it is not required for obtaining a residence permit or visa. 

The Student Insurance Program, SIP, is a special insurance package covering people residing abroad on temporary basis. SIP gas been specially designed for students, scientist, members of educational staff and accompanying family members (husband, wife, or children over 5 years). For more information on this insurance, see is a special insurance package covering people residing abroad on temporary basis. . The SIP policy is valid worldwide.
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Occupational Health Care 

The occupational health care provider for UTU staff members is Mehiläinen Oy. Please note that researchers awarded a grant or scholarship are not entitled to occupational health care provided by UTU. Even in the case of employees, the occupational health service is not fully comprehensive; leisure time accidents and emergencies, extensive laboratory tests or other extensive physical examinations or treatment are not included. Occupational health care is provided for UTU staff members, accompanying family is not included in this insurance. 

All employees of the University, regardless of the nature and duration of the employment relationship, have insurance coverage in case of a work-related injury or illness.

Social Security Insurance - KELA 

The objective of Finnish social security is to guarantee adequate basic security in all life situations. The Social Insurance Institution of Finland is called KELA. Everybody living in Finland permanently is entitled to social benefits and services, including those who are not employed. As an employee, or scholarship holder, your right to Finnish social security is generally determined on the basis of how long you intend to stay in Finland.
Kela determines whether your move to Finland can be considered permanent.
The overall situation is taken into account in the consideration, which is affected by factors such as return migration to Finland, employment contract for work in Finland as well as marriage or other close family relationship to a person who is permanently resident in Finland. If you have already stayed in Finland for one year this can be taken into account later when considering whether the stay in Finland is permanent.
If you move to Finland on a temporary basis, you will normally not be entitled to social security benefits from Kela. For example, students moving to Finland for the sole purpose of studying are considered to be staying in Finland temporarily.
If you are covered by Finnish social security, any accompanying family members are usually also covered. However, if an employee or student moves to Finland on temporary basis and is not covered by Finnish social security, his or her family members are not covered either. 

More information at KELA webpages

Kela Card

Applications for coverage under the social security system administered by Kela can be filed on form Y 77e, application form Y77e.
All who are covered under the National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme of Finland are issued a personal health insurance card, the Kela card. By presenting your card at the pharmacy or at many private medical clinics, you can get a direct, on-the-spot reimbursement for your costs.
If you leave Finland permanently, you must return your Kela card to Kela. If you take up permanent residence in Finland, you should apply for coverage under the Finnish social security system, after which you will get your personal Kela card. Processing times are about 3-4 months.   

MELA Insurance

For those receiving a grant or scholarship awarded in Finland, the Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution Mela handles statutory pension and occupational accident insurance. This insurance is for those covered by Finnish Social Security (Kela).
An insurance application must be made within three months of starting work. Mela also provides group life insurance, and short-term sickness security, and clarifies unemployment benefits. In addition, occupational accident insurance can be complemented with accident insurance for leisure time.
Compensation practices related to Mela’s insurance abides by Finnish legislation and insurance terms and conditions.


Pension Insurance, statutory social insurance Mela

As a general rule, work performed in Finland is insured in Finland irrespective of the employer’s or employee’s citizenship. A central form of insurance-based social security in Finland is the earnings-related pension. Other types of compulsory statutory insurances include occupational accident insurance, motor liability insurance, patient insurance and environmental damage insurance.  Earnings-related pension insurance is taken out by the employer, and the premium is deducted from the employee’s monthly salary. The premium is 4.7 %, and 6.0 % for persons aged above 53 years.
For those receiving a grant or scholarship awarded in Finland, the Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution Mela handles statutory pension and occupational accident insurance.  

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