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The University of Turku wants to contribute to its' international researchers' accompanying family settling-in well in Finland and Turku. In this site you can find ideas on what to do in order to develop a social network in Turku. For instance, volunteer work and language courses are good ways to get new contacts.

International Staff Services is available for information requests also for Utuinternationals' spouses and family members. Please contact us at

Learning Finnish

Adult Education Centre of the City of Turku
The Adult Education Centre of the City of Turku offers Finnish language courses from beginner's to advanced levels.

The Summer University of Turku
The Summer University of Turku organises Finnish language courses for foreigners throughout the year enabling students to study the whole year without a pause. The course selection includes courses suitable for beginners as well as for more advanced students.

Turun iltalukio - Upper Secondary School for Adults
Turun iltalukio offers Upper Secondary Education for Adults. Finnish for Foreiger's courses are targeted for those who are not offered these language courses by any other organization.

Turun kristillinen opisto
Finnish language courses for beginners and advanced level, during the academic year. Access to courses through the TE Services (Employment Office).

Finnish language courses, also summer courses. Unfortunately, no courses for beginners.

Expat Finland - The Finland Guidebook
Information about summer schools and courses, online courses, as well as dictionaries and exercises.

Self-study materials:

- Easyfinnish

- Uuno

- : Free online language courses

- Expat Finland - The Finland Guidebook

- Supisuomea


Getting new acquaintances and friends

Friendship Programme
Are you interested in getting to know more about the Finnish way of life? Then this programme is made for you! Get to know a local family and the Finnish culture through them. The Friendship Programme is organised by the higher education institutions in Turku and the Friends are volunteered.

Science Café
Science Cafés are English-language science-oriented public discussion events organized by the University of Turku theoretical physicists. The talks are designed to be suitable for audiences of any background. Each Café event is based around an expert of a particular field explaining the subject of their research or an interesting phenomenon in an engaging and thought-provoking, yet easily understandable way.

Expat Turku Network
The Network welcomes all foreigners with a higher education degree living in Turku and willing to integrate among the Turku community.  After-work events are organised, such as monthly meetings, cultural activities and other leisure activities.

Turun kansainvälinen klubi - Turku International Club
Meeting place for people from different backgrounds. The Club gives an opportunity for intercultural interaction and communication as well as learning from each other. The informal get-togethers are open for everyone.

The gatherings offer a forum to practice your Finnish, to meet and get to know new people and friends. The Club gives an opportunity to organize different kinds of multicultural events, trips to surrounding neighborhoods as well as smaller gatherings. The activities are organized according to the participants’ wishes and interests. What would you like to do? You are warmly welcome to join the club!

Sondip - The Union of Multicultural Associations in South-West Finland
The union aims to promote the visibility of multicultural associations and to increase cooperation and interaction between different actors. Currently Sondip has 19 member associations


Mobile Apps

Nappi Naapuri (only in Finnish)

Meet your neighbours! Offer/Ask help from your neighbours or post an open invitation for a cup of tea. Any connecting activity is encouraged between neigbours in this community with the motive to bring people together.

Meetup - Meet up with people who share your passion.

Meetup helps you to find like-minded people in your area with whom you can get to together to practice a hobby or just hang out.


Hangout is an app by Couchsurfing. It offers you to find locals and current visitors in the city with whom you can organize meetups and common activities. 

My Mobile Tutor (to be launched in autumn 2018!)

This service is designed to help you as a student of University of Turku toMyMobileTutor_sovelluskuva.png 1) get to know your home city and university, 2) create and attend various events and 3) find places.

All the content has been created by fellow students and is based on real recommendations rather than paid advertising.

The Events section gives you a possibility to see and create events visible for other students. Events can be sorted by interests and time, and the locations of the events can be found on the map. Explore all the functions, organize parties, game-nights or weekend-trips, and dare to participate and get to know your fellow students from different faculties! Remember, that meeting people with different backgrounds is what makes university life unforgettable.

Leisure time activities in Turku
Events, exhibitions, happenings....

Turku Main Library
Turku Main Library provides its customers with a wide and varied collection of library material in both printed and electronic form. The collections are complemented by the various exhibitions and events. There is also a news area. All services are free of charge!

VIMMA - Art and Activities in the Heart of the City
The Vimma - art and activity centre for youth offers culture and concerts, things to do and events to attend for all ages.
Paasikivi Opisto is a comprehensive community college and vocational school, which offers basic courses on society, communications, media and art and prepares students for further studies, working life and active membership in society. It also grants a certificate of qualification as a media assistant in audiovisual communication. Teaching language is Finnish.
Finnish universities organise Open University courses for all; you can take part regardless of your age, educational aims or previous schooling. The course database includes information about the courses.


For nature-lovers

The City of Turku maintains +200 sports and exercise facilities. The website (link in the title) includes information on alternatives, both winter and summer, indoor and outdoor sports, locations, as well as reservation systems if needed. Services are mostly free of charge.

Ruissalo Island is a popular recreation area located in Turku, west from the harbour. It is best characterized by the rich cultural heritage of its old fields, 19th century villas, and oak forests. In Ruissalo, there is also a golf club and a spa.

Kuhankuono recreational area, stretching to several municipalities, offers several nature trails and fantastic hiking routes. The Kuhankuono hiking routes are situated in the vast forest areas approximately 35 km north of Turku city centre.

Kuhankuono is worth the visit!

The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation
FANC has about 180 local member associations, the one in Turku is Turun luonnonsuojeluyhdistys ry.  These associations are voluntary based, and organise happenings and educational activities for nature conservation.

For Kids

Services for Children and Families

Sports Wonderland for Kids
The Sports Wonderland is an activity for children aged 1 - 12 offered by the City of Turku. It offers varied opportunities for sporty games, free of charge! The operating principle is the following: present will be supervisors but no instruction, children should have an adult with them.

Hop Lop is a fun adventure park for the smallest in the family.

Mehukatti Lastenmaailma is also a fun park for children.

Spa Caribia welcomes families for a spa, and is located conveniently close the University campus.  Super Park Turku is located in the same address with spa - fun and activities for the whole family!

Children's University

The Children’s University organises science lectures and science workshops in the spring and science camps in the summer. The science lectures has university experts presenting their research to schoolchildren aged from 7 to 10. At the end of the lectures, the children have a chance to ask the researchers some questions.

In the summer camps, children get to be "scientists" and conduct hands-on experiments. The themes of the camps range from physics to robotics, astronomy, biology and history. The age of participants varies between 10 and 15 years, depending on the camp.

The registration for both lectures and camps takes place in March. Please note that the lectures and most of the camps are held in Finnish. The Camp of Natural Sciences and History  11.–15.6.2018 will be bilingual (in Finnish and English).



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