The 25th Nordic Symposium on Tourism and Hospitality Research invites scholars across the disciplines to explore emerging research themes related to the various dichotomies within the field. The aim is to balance these dichotomies by discussing, challenging, and integrating the traditional assumptions of tourism. Therefore, we welcomed all studies touching upon one or many extremes or continuums, proposing alternative concepts, frameworks or methodologies, and reporting empirical findings.

We began with 24 session proposals on verious aspect of tourism and hospitality research a received 160 abstracts. After a double blind review process we ended up with 135 research abstracts that fall into the following tracks and sessions.

Theoretical grounds of tourism and hospitality

  • Tourism knowledge
  • Authenticity – Productive dichotomies, creative discourses
  • Gender identities in tourism – Performances and challenges
  • (Re)Framing tourism governance – Taking the bull by the horns?

Sustainable, responsible and ethical tourism

  • Influencing sustainable behaviour in tourism and hospitality
  • Mobilizing responsibility – Rethinking collaboration and research designs
  • Wrestling with the ethical questions of cultural heritage in the tourism industry
  • Inclusive tourism or tourism for all? – Best practices in the tourism sector

Tourism experiences

  • Sense or sensibility? – The cognitive and affective nature of tourism experiences
  • Winter adventures in the North: performances and responsibilities
  • Winning the hearts and wallets of tourists through successful branding
  • Volunteers in the tourism industry

Tourism business - Marketing, innovation and digitalization

  • Images, perceptions, motivation, and tourist segments
  • Human factors and the provision of tourism and hospitality services
  • The tourism industry and academia side by side
  • Marketing and innovation in tourism and hospitality
  • Entrepreneurial activity in hospitality and tourism
  • The digital future of tourism and hospitality – Connecting or dividing stakeholders?

Research methodology

  • Conducting high quality tourism and hospitality research – Reflections anddemonstrations of methodological approaches
  • Quantitative approaches in tourism research


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