Research groups

The current strategic profiling of both the University of Turku and the Åbo Akademi University involves the research groups of the "Advanced Bioresources and Smar Bioproducts" program, thus emphasizing the commitment from the universities side to support the aims of the programme.

Primary members:

University of Turku, Department of Biochemistry / Molecular Plant Biology:

University of Turku, Department of Chemistry:

University of Turku, Department of Information Technology:

  •  Senior lecturer Risto Punkkinen

Åbo Akademi University, Johan Gadolin Process Chemistry Centre (PCC)

Åbo Akademi University, Theology

Åbo Akademi University, Biosciences

Associated research groups participating in the programme:

Åbo Akademi University, Center for Funtional Materials (FunMat)

  • Professor Ronald Österbacka
  • Profossor Martti Toivakka
  • Professor Jouko Peltonen
  • Professor John E. Eriksson
  • Professor Carl-Eric Wilen




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