Doctoral Students' Research Workshop

In addition to the conference, postgraduate students can also participate in Doctoral students’ research workshop on November 14. In the workshop, questions related to ongoing PhD projects will be discussed with the plenarists, supervisors from the University of Turku and other postgraduate students. Questions can relate to the collection of data, methods, finding the specific focus for the project or research questions. As a part of the workshop, Crispin Thurlow will give a lecture on Digital discourse and new language ideologies: (Dis)locating English.

Both beginning and advanced postgraduate students who are working on topics within applied linguistics are welcome to the workshop. The maximum number of presentations accepted is 24. Every postgraduate student has 10 minutes to present their project and questions involved. This is followed by a 20-30 minute discussion including commentators (plenarists or supervisors from the University of Turku) and other participants.

You can sign up to the workshop through the abstract submission page here by submitting a 2-4 page text in Finnish or English by September 16. (Please note that the file format .doc is the only one accepted.) The text should include the topic, materials and theoretical framework of the PhD project (as far as they are already known) and the questions that the student wants to address in the workshop. The commentators will use the text as a basis for their comments. The other participants will also be sent the text before the symposium.

Audience without presentation is welcome if there is enough space in the seminar rooms.


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