Year 2015

​The University's focus on the future was strengthened by the strategy work, in which the members of the University community, partners in co-operation as well as interest groups took part. The University Board approved the Strategy and policy programmes in December 2015.

The decision of the Finnish Government to cut the funding of higher education institutions compelled the University to continue its financial adjustment programme that began in 2012. The Reform of Administrative Services programme continued with the Financial Adjustment and Structural Development Programme (SoKe). In addition to savings, the University aims at renewing and developing its operations with the programme.

When deciding on the SoKe programme, the Board also extended Rector Kalervo Väänänen's term until the end of 2019. With the extended term, the Board wanted to ensure that changes in the rectorate would not affect the realisation of the adjustment programme.

The year also signified great changes in the University's facilities. Two renovations were finished on the University Hill: the Feeniks library was reopened at the beginning of the year and Agora at the end of the year. The University purchased the the buildings and the ground used by the Archipelago Research Institute at the island of Seili. University Properties of Finland Ltd started constructing Medisiina D. The University and other operators in the field of medicine initiated the University Health Campus Turku collaboration at the end of the year.

The University succeeded in international university rankings. In the QS, THE, Arwu, Grup and Multirank rankings, the University was among the best 1 percent on average.


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