The share of teaching staff of the entire personnel rose by a more than one percentage point being 30.5 percent. The share of researchers decreased slightly being 30.9 percent. The share of other staff, particularly the support personnel for teaching and research, and doctoral candidates decreased less than one percentage point, being at 38.7 percent.

Personnel at the Faculties and Independent Units

Percentage of International Personnel

All in all, the University employed international staff from 58 different countries, most from Germany, Russia and India. The share of international personnel of the research staff was 18 percent and 6 percent of the teaching staff.

Tenure Track System

The use of the Tenure Track system for the teaching and research staff has expanded in the University during the past few years. First recruitments for Tenure Track positions happened in 2012-2013. Since 2014, several new Tenure Track positions have been opened each year by the proposals of the faculties.

Average Age 43.5 Years

The average age of the University staff was 43.5 years at the end of 2015. The average age of the teaching staff was 48.8. years, 37.3 years for the research staff, and 44.4 years for the other staff. In 2015, 67 persons retired in the average age of 65.5 years.


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