​In recent years, the University has deepened its collaboration with Åbo Akademi University also in relation to facilities: in 2016, shared facilities in Agora were introduced for the information technology subjects of both Universities, and in Geo House for geology and archaeology.


The University gave up several of the facilities it had rented. During the year, Juslenia, Fennicum, Sanitas, Verstas and two wooden houses at the old garrison area were emptied.

In addition, two great renovation projects were launched during the year and will result in modern spaces for studying, research and work at Calonia and Turun normaalikoulu school. The renovation of Calonia, building of the Faculty of Law, began during the summer and will be completed by the beginning of the autumn term 2017. The facilities at Turun normaalikoulu school were renovated during 2016 and were back in use in December 2016.


The construction of the Medisiina D building for the University, Hospital District of Southwest Finland and Turku University of Applied Sciences by the University Properties of Finland Ltd continued throughout 2016. Facilities of the Faculty of Medicine will be located in the building.

Medisiina D

Two apartment buildings of a real estate company co-owned by Turku University Foundation, the University of Turku, TYKS Foundation and Universitas were constructed at Vähä-Hämeenkatu 1. In addition to the business premises, 145 rented apartments were built in the buildings, some of which are reserved for visiting researchers.

Vähä-Hämeenkatu 1

The University purchased the buildings and land of the Archipelago Research Institute at the island of Seili from the University Properties of Finland Ltd at the end of 2015 and became the owner on 1 January 2016.

During the last days of 2016, the University of Turku purchased the facilities used by its Kevo Subarctic Research Institute in Utsjoki from the University Properties of Finland Ltd. This purchase was part of the formation of the new Biodiversity Unit, to which the operations at Seili are related as well.



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