Fund-raising and investment income was €10,751,350 in 2016.

Compared to the previous year, the income decreased 0.07 percent and costs 2.20 percent.

The implementation of the University's Adjustment and Development Programme launched in 2015 continued.
The net profit of the University's investment activities was €7.0 million. Most of the profits came from the dividend yield of the University Properties Finland Ltd and other companies, from interest yield as well as from investment sales profit.

The risk management of the University of Turku focuses on preventive actions which ensure the continuation of the University's operation without disturbance and interruption in a high-quality and cost-effective manner.

During 2016, the University tendered, for example, the restaurant services of Turun normaalikoulu school, the cleaning services of the University Hill and old garrison area, and insurance services.

The University encouraged its supporters to donate funds for the University's operation with the Support Your Local Scientist campaign launched in early 2016. During the match funding period which began in 2014, the University has received almost €3.3 million as donations, of which €3.2 million are donations qualified for match funding from the Government.


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