Personnel at the Faculties and Independent Units


On the University level, the greatest personnel decrease concerned other personnel, the number of which decreased by nearly 47 full-time equivalent employees, and hourly-paid teaching, which decreased by less than 22 full-time equivalent employees. Teaching personnel decreased by nearly nine full-time equivalent employees and research personnel by less than seven.

The greatest structural changes in the University organisation were the centralisation of the Academic and Student Affairs personnel to the Educational Affairs under the University Services at the beginning of the year, and transferring the Open University to the same unit in the beginning of August. Altogether, these changes concerned approximately 130 employees.

During 2016, measures were taken in order to prepare for the change that came into effect on 1 Jan 2017, according to which office and administrative personnel were centralised to the University Central Services. From 2017, the administrative and office services are provided to the faculties and independent units jointly by the University Services, Development Services, Financial Services and University Communications.

The aim of the reorganisation is to improve the availability and quality of the services, as well as to achieve economy of scale and to standardise practices.


Percentage of International Personnel

The internationalisation of the University personnel continued strongly. In 2016, the number of international personnel increased more than five percent compared to the previous year. The share of international personnel of the entire personnel at the University was 8.8 percent at the end of the year, i.e. 0.6 percentage points higher than the previous year.

According to its Strategy, the University's goal is community well-being: the University is a responsible employer and its operations are built on common values. The University is building an inspiring, encouraging and interacting community, where it is a pleasure to study and work.

A workplace well-being survey was conducted for the first time in the turn of the year 2015–2016 for all the personnel of the University of Turku. The results of the survey were discussed in the units in early 2016 and these results have worked as the basis for both unit and university level development projects. The next such workplace well-being survey will be carried out in 2017–2018.

As part of the Financial Adjustment and Structural Development Programme, the University of Turku, Åbo Akademi University, Novia University of Applied Sciences, HUMAK University of Applied Sciences and Diaconia University of Applied Sciences established a joint sports services called CampusSport which serves more than 40,000 students and staff members.



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