Societal Interaction

The Career Services of the University of Turku follows the employment of the graduates. The most recent survey describes the employment situation of 2010-2014 graduates in autumn 2016.

Employment Situation by Field of Science

Correspondence between Employment and Level of Education

Source: Career Services – survey on the employment situation of the 2010–2014 graduates.

In 2016, 1,962 new alumni registered to the University's alumni affairs. Altogether 57,702 students have completed a higher academic degree in the University of Turku and in the formerly independent Turku School of Economics.

Strong Development in Societal Interaction

The University established a project group in 2016 for the development of societal interaction. The project group prepares the matters related to societal interaction for the Extended Management Group which works as the steering group for societal interaction.

A University-level advisory board and an international advisory board of Turku School of Economics have already been operating at the University of Turku and, in 2016, the Faculties of Humanities, Education, Law, and Social Sciences established their own faculty-specific advisory boards. The Faculty of Medicine has four advisory boards for specific fields, and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences prepared the establishment of their own advisory board.

During 2016, the University launched many operations that advance societal interaction between the University and surrounding society. The University is an active partner in the University Health Campus Turku collaboration, the aim of which is to offer research, innovation, and business opportunities through multidisciplinary education in medicine and health sciences. The Hospital District of Southwest Finland, the University of Turku, Åbo Akademi University, Turku University of Applied Sciences and Novia University of Applied Sciences are involved in the collaboration. The University made an agreement with the City of Turku during 2016 that the Ruissalo infomation centre and nature school will move to the premises of the Botanical Garden. This change took place in summer 2016. 
The first specialisation education programmes of the University of Turku were launched in 2016. 

Among Finnish universities, the University of Turku and its research and education were the second most visible in national online media after the University of Helsinki. The Big Science Bang video series, which popularises science and was developed by the University Communications and researchers, won a national science communication competition. Events presenting science to the general public were organised throughout the year, such as several lectures and the Researcher's Night event coordinated by the European Commission.

Innovations Transformed into Commercial Products and Services

According to its Strategy, the University supports measures that promote the University's networking with society. The key measure is utilising the knowledge created at the University as commercial products and services. Possibilities for utilisation are the sale or licensing of intellectual property rights, payment service survey, sale of expert services, and establishment of research-based startup companies.
A system for searching, screening and cultivating potential innovations has also been created for the University of Turku. Innovations aiming at international start-ups as well as those applicable in the local market go through a functioning evaluation and commercialisation system. Collaboration with other regional higher education institutions and innovation actors has been continued in the innovation activities.
In 2016, the University organised two open calls for innovation ideas directed at researchers. The evaluation panels assess the innovation proposals aiming at launching international high-growth companies, and according to the panels' recommendations, seven applications for funding were left to the New knowledge and business from research ideas programme of TEKES from the University of Turku. In the New knowledge and business from research ideas project, a research idea is developed in a target-driven manner, and its commercialisation as a new business is prepared. Four applications (4/7) received funding from the programme. 







Innovation proposals ​89 ​81 64 89​ 119​
​ Invention disclosures
       University has acquired the rights
​ New priority applications ​5 4​ 4​ 10​ 8​
 New granted patents ​14 11​ 11​ 20​ ​29
​ Patent families
       Patent applications
       Granted patents
 ​Sales and licensing agreements ​18 24​ 30​ 35​
 ​Start-ups ​3 2​ 2 (3)​ 3​ 2​

Rapid Growth in Transnational Education

The long-term aim of the University of Turku is that transnational education forms a significant portion of the University's external funding.

Transnational education activities have been purposefully developed since 2013 and they are well-organised. The University realises transnational education through its transnational education companies, Finland University and Nordic Institute of Dental Education. In 2016, Finland University made 31 transnational education agreements in which the University of Turku provides the education.


Transnational Education Agreements

(Carried out through Finland University)


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