The Archipelago Research Institute Seili, Kevo Subarctic Research Institute, Botanical Garden, Zoological Museum, Herbarium, and Aerobiology unit formed the new Biodiversity Unit of the University of Turku starting from the beginning of the year. Skärsgårdskompaniet was selected as a partner in the development of the Seili Island. With its partner, the University of Turku began developing tourism on Seili, but also respecting the nature and cultural values of the Island. The aim is to offer the public a chance to experience Seili as a versatile cultural, natural and scientific destination The improved transportation, restaurant services, and accommodation increased the number of visitors to Seili in the summer of 2017.

Botanical Garden

In June, the University bought the real estate of the Botanical Garden in Ruissalo from the University Properties of Finland Ltd. The goal is to develop the Botanical Garden in the long term. By purchasing the real estate, the University has a better possibility to develop the activities and property from its starting points agreed upon with the Biodiversity Unit. An anniversary book was also written of the Botanical Garden as it has operated at Ruissalo for 60 years.

Planetarium at Tuorla

The equipment and dome at Tuorla Planetarium were updated in March. In technical terms, the renewal lifted Tuorla among the top planetariums in Europe.  The Planetarium, which is situated in Kaarina, is suitable for all ages. In addition, the quality and contents of the films shown to the public at the Planetarium improved considerably because of the equipment update.

Teacher Training School at Turku

The facilities at the teacher training school at Turku were completely transformed to meet the needs of modern pedagogics during the renovation of the building. The new, bright spaces were opened in April. The renovation concentrated especially on transferable and straightforward spaces, air conditioning, communality, and acoustics.


In December, the Faculty of Law moved back to the completely renovated Calonia building. The renovated Calonia is a modern, bright, ecological, and accessible study and work environment that respects the old spirit of the building. 

Joki Visitor and Innovation Centre

Finland’s first regional visitor centre for businesses, the City and education opened in December. The new Joki Visitor and Innovation Centre is situated in the middle of BioCity, DataCity, ElectroCity, and ICT-City, and its exhibitions present innovations, business and urban development. The Centre supports expert visits and markets the expertise and business life in the region also for international guests. The main users of Joki are the City of Turku, higher education institutions and the companies in the Turku region, and it is owned by Turku Technology Properties.

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