Compared to the previous year, the income decreased by 1 percent and costs by 0.1 percent.

The net profit of the University's investment activities was €8.1 million. Most of the profits came from the dividend yield of the University Properties Finland Ltd and other companies, from interest yield as well as from investment sales profit.

Started in 2015, the Adjustment and Development Programme was summarised into three measures in 2017: 1) the University was able to create new income sources in transnational education and specialisation education, 2) the University strengthened co-operation with other higher education institutions, especially Åbo Akademi University and Turku University of Applied Sciences, and continued its profiling according to its Strategy as a multidisciplinary university, 3) the University renewed its administrative and support services. The goal of the measures has been both finding savings and developing operations.

During the match funding period that ended in 2017, the University of Turku received donations worth of €6.5 million, and the Government decided to capitalise the University of Turku with €7.5 million. The match funding was paid to the University in December 2017.  In its fund-raising, the University highlighted the significance of research and educating new experts for the well-being of the region and that of the whole society. Many of the significant donations were received from parties that want to have an impact particularly on the positive development of the region by supporting the research and education of the University of Turku.


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