Personnel Groups

Personnel at the Faculties and Independent Units

On the University level, the greatest personnel decrease concerned other personnel, the number of which decreased by nearly 42.7 full-time equivalent employees. The number of full-time equivalent employees in part-time hourly-paid teaching decreased by six full-time equivalent employees. The number of full-time equivalent employees of the teaching personnel increased by nine full-time equivalent employees and that of research personnel by almost 33 full-time equivalent employees.

The greatest structural change in the University organisation was the centralisation of administrative personnel to the University Central Services. Since 2017, administrative personnel no longer work in the faculties and independent units as such as all services are produced centrally by the University Services, Development Services, Financial Services or University Communications.

Percentage of International Personnel

The internationalisation of the University personnel continued. The number of international personnel increased from the previous year by 15 percent. The share of international personnel of the entire personnel at the University was 9.7 percent at the end of the year, i.e. 0.9 percentage points higher than the previous year. All in all, the University employed international staff from 59 different countries, most from India, Russia and Germany.

Community well-being

According to its Strategy, the University's goal is community well-being: the University is a responsible employer and its operations are built on common values. The University is building an inspiring, encouraging and interacting community, where it is a pleasure to study and work.

In May, the University of Turku received a working life award in a competition organised by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and Finnish Work Environment Fund as one of nine awarded organisations. The award was pursued by a total of 99 candidates, and the University of Turku was successful with a theme firmly linked to one of the University’s strategic goals, community well-being.



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