Extreme Gamma-Rays from a distant black hole
The MAGIC gamma-ray telescopes on La Palma, Canary Islands, has
detected a new gamma-ray source on the sky.

The target detected by MAGIC is 1ES2037+521, technically a BL Lac object, but in reality a supermassive  black hole in the center of a distant galaxy. Such active galactic nuclei are the most numerous very high energy gamma-ray sources. MAGIC has discovered almost half of them, but the most recent detection is special for Tuorlans. A PhD student at Tuorla, Vandad Fallah Ramazani, has been working on a
method to predict the brightest  BL Lac objects based on existing observations in radio, optical, X-ray and gamma-ray bands. The source now detected was one of the the top candidates predicted by Fallah Ramazani's method. The discovery was promptly reported in Astronomers Telegram:
Recently, Fallah Ramazani received a prize for his poster introducing this method in an international conference discussing new frontiers in black hole physics.

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