Galaxies and observational cosmology
Cosmological simulations

Observational cosmology and large-scale structure

We study the structure formation and galaxies in the Universe.
For more details see the page of the project.

Galaxy evolution and their properties

  • Evolution of infrared galaxy luminosity (mass) functions in clusters 
  • Butcher-Oemler effect 
  • Galaxy merger rates from close pair analysis 
  • Galactic Bulge structure
  • Redshift and radial velocity surveys 

Example recent publications: De Propris et al. 2014, De Propris & Melnick 2014, De Propris et al. 2013, De Propris et al. 2011

​ Luminous infrared galaxies

AGN host galaxies and environments

We study galaxy evolution and the AGN-galaxy connection by analyzing the host galaxies and environments of AGN. For details, see this page.


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