Tuorla observatory seminar series

Tuorla seminars in spring 2017

Seminars will be streamed online unless otherwise informed. No registration required and the weblink is given later in the announcement of the seminar. The connection starts sligthly before the seminar. 

After the seminar you can ask questions by using the chat window in the ADOBE CONNECT interface. We hope to recieve a lot of questions!

The seminars are held on Thursdays at 14.30 unless otherwise noticed. The title of the talk will be added as the seminar approaches.

17.8 at 11.00 Stefano Borgani (Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste: "Understanding Galaxy Clusters with Simulations"

I will overview recent advancements in the study of galaxy clusters, both as astrophysical objects and as cosmological tools, using detailed hydrodynamic simulations.  I will discuss how improvements in the numerical description of galaxy formation processes, related to star formation and gas accretion onto super-massive black holes, is leading to the production of realistic population of clusters from simulations. These “artificial” clusters can then be used to quantitatively assess systematics in their application as tools for measuring cosmological parameters. After comparing results from simulations to X-ray and SZ observations of galaxy clusters, I will critically discuss the challenges that the next generation of simulations will have to face with.


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