Tuorla observatory seminar series

Tuorla seminars in Autumn 2017

Seminars will be streamed online unless otherwise informed. No registration required and the weblink is given later in the announcement of the seminar. The connection starts sligthly before the seminar. 

After the seminar you can ask questions by using the chat window in the ADOBE CONNECT interface. We hope to recieve a lot of questions!

The seminars are held on Thursdays at 14.30 unless otherwise noticed. The title of the talk will be added as the seminar approaches.

19.10 at 14.30 Aleksi Vuorinen (University of Helsinki): "Dense QCD matter from first principles”

The microscopic theory of the strong nuclear force, Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), continues to be the most poorly understood part of the Standard Model due to the strength of the corresponding interaction. A particularly problematic challenge is related to dense strongly interacting systems, such as the nuclear and quark matter found inside neutron stars, as very few technical tools applicable to them exist. In my talk, I will review the current status of this field, and in particular explain, how perturbation theory - valid at asymptotically high densities - can shed light on the properties of dense QCD matter.


26.10. Michael West (Lowell Observatory)

9.11.   Usoskin (Oulu)

16.11. Janz (Oulu)

23.11. Roberto Mignani (UCL-MSSL)           

30.11. TBD

14.12. Andreas Schulze (NAOJ Japan)  


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