Tuorla observatory seminar series

Tuorla seminars in spring 2017

Seminars will be streamed online unless otherwise informed. No registration required and the weblink is given later in the announcement of the seminar. The connection starts sligthly before the seminar. 

After the seminar you can ask questions by using the chat window in the ADOBE CONNECT interface. We hope to recieve a lot of questions!

The seminars are held on Thursdays at 14.30 unless otherwise noticed. The title of the talk will be added as the seminar approaches.

23.3 Lluis Galbany (University of Pittsburgh): "What's there? Using Integral Field Spectroscopy to study supernova environments”

Integral Field Spectroscopy (IFS) has revolutionized the study of galaxy formation, evolution and metal enrichment. While single fiber spectroscopy surveys provided with large number of galaxy spectra, IFS allowed the study of local processes at individual nearby galaxies. Despite the fact that current large surveys (e.g. MaNGA and SAMI) are obtaining samples of thousands of galaxies using this technique, they build on the success of a smaller survey, the CALIFA survey, that released their 3rd and last data release in April 2016 containing ~700 galaxies. Given its wide filed-of-view (1'x1') and spatial resolution (1"x"1), CALIFA was well positioned for constructing the first statistical sample of SN host galaxies observed with IFS. Several works in the literature have tried to correlate SN observed properties to the global host galaxy properties obtained either from photometric measurements of single fiber spectroscopy, but IFS observations allowed to properly characterize the galactic properties at the SN location and put them in context with respect other locations in the galaxy. In this talk, I will review IFS SN environmental studies performed so far and discuss prospects for the future with current and future IFS surveys, such as the AMUSING survey.


30.03 Talvikki Hovatta (Tuorla)
06.04 Tuomas Kangas (Tuorla)
13.04 no talk (Easter vacation)
20.04 Lucien Kuiper (SRON, Utrecht)
27.04 Claudia Maraston (Portsmouth)
04.05 Elizabeth Stanway (Warwick)
11.05 Olivier Ilbert (Marseille)
18.05 Till Sawala (Helsinki)
25.05 no talk (Ascension Day)
01.06 Jochen Heidt (Heidelberg)
08.06 Lauri Pesonen (Helsinki) - The Great Impact Hunt in Fennoscandia - new results, remaining questions