Tuorla observatory seminar series

Tuorla seminars in Spring 2018

Seminars will be streamed online unless otherwise informed. No registration required and the weblink is given later in the announcement of the seminar. The connection starts sligthly before the seminar. 

After the seminar you can ask questions by using the chat window in the ADOBE CONNECT interface. We hope to recieve a lot of questions!

The seminars are held on Thursdays at 14.30 unless otherwise noticed. The title of the talk will be added as the seminar approaches.

15.3 at 14.30 Kalle Karhunen (Tuorla observatory): "Observational studies on the environments and host galaxies of low redshift quasars"

While the inner structure and basic physics behind quasars are thought to be relatively well understood, the mechanisms responsible for triggering the nuclear activity in otherwise quiescent galaxies are still under debate. One of the most common proposed mechanisms is that of a major merger between two galaxies, which drives gas into the central supermassive black hole to feed the quasar. If these mergers do trigger quasar activity, they should leave visible traces on the quasar host galaxies and/or their surroundings. In this seminar I will talk about my research on the environments and host galaxies of a carefully selected sample of low redshift quasars to see if they show signs of recent major mergers, and whether or not these properties differ from those of "inactive" galaxies.

Coming (preliminary list of speakers):

10.04. David Buckley

19.04. Piergiorgio Casella

26.04. Peter Jonker

03.05. Alessandro Bressan (Trieste)
17.05. Laura Zschaechner (Helsinki)
24.05. Pavel Kroupa (AIA, Univ.Bonn)


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