Astronomy and space physics courses
The stucture of the studies is shown below. Note that changes in the lecturer list are possible; the final decisions of lecturers are always made during the summer prior to the academic year.

Master's programme study guide (Astronomy track)

There are three main specializations: Space Physics (SP), Theoretical Astrophysics (TA), Observational Astrophysics (OA)

Obligatory (37 op, +5 op for foreign students) Credits Person in charge

Master's Thesis 35 Juri Poutanen/Rami Vainio

*Seminar in astronomy (astronomy specialization) 2 Juri Poutanen

*Seminar in Quantum (space physics specalization) 2 Vainio/Pohjolainen

Finnish for Foreigners: Intensive Beginners' Course 5 Kielikeskus

Obligatory at least 30 op from the following set

Astrophysical spectroscopy and interstellar medium (TA, OA) 6 Seppo Mattila

Fortran 90 and Numerical Methods (all) 8 Hannu Karttunen

Hydrodynamics and hydromagnetics (SP, TA) 6 Rami Vainio

Introduction to plasma physics (all) 4 Battarbee

Methods of observational astrophysics I (TA, OA) 6 Korhonen/FINCA

Radiative Processes in Astrophysics (all) 8 Riehokainen/Poutanen

Space plasma physics (SP, TA) 6 Rami Vainio

Statistical methods (all) 6 Harry Lehto/Hannu Karttunen

Stellar structure and evolution (all) 8 Poutanen/Hakala/Mattila

Obligatory at least 25 op from the following set

Active galactic nuclei (TA, OA) 6 Esko Valtaoja

Applications of Fourier Transforms (all) 4 Kurt Gloos

Astroparticle physics (all) 5 Elina Lindfors

Formation and evolution of planetary systems (TA, OA) 5 Harry Lehto

Galactic astronomy (TA, OA) 5 Roberto de Propris

Galaxies and cosmology (TA, OA) 8 Heinämäki/Teerikorpi/de Propris

Heliophysics (all) 6 Rami Vainio

High-energy astrophysics (all) 8 Poutanen/Tsygankov/Hakala

Methods of observational astrophysics II (TA, OA) 5 Seppo Mattila/FINCA

Nuclear and particle physics II (all) 6 Eino Valtonen

Plasma astrophysics (SP, TA) 6 Rami Vainio

Radio astronomy and interferometry (all) 8 Kaj Wiik/Silja Pohjolainen

Space technology (SP) 4 Eino Valtonen

Special course in astronomy (TA, OA) 2-6 Poutanen

Special course in space physics (SP) 2-6 Vainio

Radiation and particle detectors (SP, OA) 4 Edwin Kukk

Other studies (0-23 op)

* Research project (all) 3-9 Poutanen/Vainio

* Internship (all) 0-6 Poutanen/Vainio

and other courses in astronomy and physics (including those below), astrobiology, theoretical physics, mathematics, information technology, statistics
Additional studies

Complementary studies for master degree students 1-8 Harry Lehto/Pasi Nurmi

Astrophysics 1 5 Juri Poutanen/Alexandr Riehokainen

Astrophysics 2 5 Pekka Heinamäki

Tähtitieteen harjoitustyöt/ Laboratory in Astronomy 4 Lehto/Nilsson

Fysiikan harjotustyöt IIB (SP) 4

Fysiikan harjotustyöt IIIA (SP) 3

Fysiikan harjotustyöt IIIB (SP) 3


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