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Tuition fees: Currently there are no tuition fees in Finland. This applies to both the Masters and PhD level programmes. Possible changes to the current situation do not apply to the student started their studies before new decisions. Foreign students undertaking study in Finland require financial support for their living expenses. The University of Turku does not provide scholarships, but as stated, there are no tuition fees.

Cost of living varies depending on where you come from and what standard of living you require. Typical students will require up from 600-700 e/month to cover their living expenses. To rent a flat of one room in the centre of Turku or two rooms within a walking distance to the university will cost about 250-500 euros per month. There is a large number of rooms and flats available in the Student Village, which is very close by the University. There are no student flats near Tuorla Observatory and most students prefer to live in the city area. The Space Research Laboratory is at the main campus in the city centre and also most lecture courses are given at the main campus.

Transport: If you take a bus to the observatory daily, you can purchase a 30 day bus pass (Föli) for 36 euros. The observatory is about 12 km from Turku centre, along the main road to Helsinki. There are excellent public transport links around the region. Note that the Space Research Laboratory is on the University Campus in the centre of town.

Health Care: Student Union Members receive Student Health Care and other benefits. The health care covers also medicine expences. Although the students are entitled to student health care, foreign students should acquire travel insurance in their home country before arriving to Finland. The insurance should cover costs for health care when student health care is not available, such as during weekends and holidays.

Sustenance: One might typically spend something from 150 to 250 euros for food per month. A student lunch at the University will cost about 5 euros. To eat out (in a restaurant) is quite expensive (15-30 euros for main course). If you come from a very warm country you might find you need a large wardrobe of winter clothes. You may find winter boots, overcoat, a couple of sweaters, a scarf, gloves and a hat or stocking cap for something around 250 euros.

More info: You can find lots of helpful information at the university's general information for students They also have a very good Survival Guide. The pages has alot useful information, and covers Turku and the region, academic life, health care, families, housing, transport and travel, services and recreation, and student organisations.

More practical information for postgraduate students is also available from link University of Turku Graduate School.


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