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Tom Reynolds (UK)

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Coming to Finland was a big decision for me, but I was tempted in by the promise of academic opportunities and an exciting new place to experience. Tuorla has delivered on both of these, with fascinating data, academic expertise and a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. I have access to excellent resources to facilitate my study of supernovae, including a large dataset from the European Southern Observatories' Very Large Telescope and the ability to follow up on supernova targets the night after detection, using the Nordic Optical Telescope. I've also been able to build my academic connections, getting involved with the large international collaboration working with the European Space Agencies' Gaia satellite.
I found the people at Tuorla and the university to be universally friendly, and have enjoyed sports, conferences and sauna with the Tuorla community. I'm currently on a studentship at the Nordic Optical Telescope in the Canary Islands that I was able to attain through the connections at Tuorla which has been an incredible opportunity to learn valuable skills and have more incredible experiences. However, I'm looking forward to returning to Finland and immersing myself in the culture once again!

Anup Poudel (Nepal)

Four years ago, I came to Finland to pursue my interest and build my academic career in astronomy. As an international student in Tuorla, it has been a wonderful learning experience in a good and free academic environment. With professional supervision, I have not only excelled in my academic skills but also developed myself as a competent researcher. Presently, I am doing my PhD studies in observational cosmology and large scale structure in the Universe with one of the leading research groups in the large scale structure studies in the world.

Sepideh Sadegi (Iran): MSc student

Ever since I remember I was fascinated by the stars and night sky. Coming to Finland allowed me to pursue my higher education in the field of Astronomy in an advanced and well equipped academic environment at University of Turku. I believe this was the greatest decision in my life. Here in Turku everything was ready for me to focus on my studies. The relaxing and friendly atmosphere helped me a lot to fit in quickly. From my experience, Finnish people are nice and helpful. Most Finns can and tend to communicate in English which makes life much easier for  international students who don't know the language at the beginning. Overall, it has been a very positive experience in my life and I would recommend other international students to consider studying at University of Turku as well.

Vandad Fallah Ramazani (Iran)

20151208_120741.jpgFour years ago at age of 29, I was an engineer who decided to make a revolution in his life. I made the bravest decision in my life by starting a new major in Astronomy. Tuorla Observatory was the place that I choose. Getting involved in the new life was not so hard because all people around here were helping me to make my dreams come true (even more!!). Frankly speaking, I found the astronomical counterpart of my mom. She (together with all other people around here) take care of me like a new born baby. They wait and watch me until I learn how to talk and walk in the academic environment.

As Ph. D. candidate, I am working in the field of Very High Energy Gamma-ray, which currently is the front line of astronomy. As member of Tuorla observatory, I got the chance to be member of the two biggest international collaboration of my field (MAGIC and CTA). MAGIC (Major Atmospheric Gamma Imaging Cherenkov Telescopes) currently is the most sensitive instrument for Very High Energy Gamma-ray observations, while CTA (Cherenkov Telescope Array) is an under construction project which will be the next generation of the Air Cherenkov imaging instruments.
Last but not the least, if you are looking for a place to make your dreams come true, do not hesitate to choose Tuorla observatory.

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