Master´s Degree Programme in Molecular Biotechnology and Diagnostics
The students of this Master's Degree Programme will obtain extensive theoretical and practical expertise on central concepts and state-of-art and novel techniques in modern molecular biotechnology and diagnostics. The students learn to apply the acquired knowledge in practice for the development of novel tools and methods for the detection molecular substances. The education is focused on the key technologies of diagnostics and molecular biology with opportunities to apply this knowledge both to medical and other areas of diagnostics. The education is tightly connected with the multifold scientific research and translational activities of Department of Biochemistry/Biotechnology.

The students will be equipped with the skills that provide them multiple career options. They can join industry in Finland or abroad, continue as postgraduate students to pursue career as scientist, or enter the public sector, for example, for various authoritative duties. The biotech industry is among the fastest growing industrial sectors globally. In Finland, there is presently a strong demand on biotechnology experts and especially in diagnostic industry which is the largest sector of biotech industry in Finland. The education in Molecular Biotechnology and Diagnostics also provides a good foundation for those interested in entrepreneurship.

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